The Luscious Woman Workshop

...unite your sexuality and spirituality and become fully empowered

Are you wanting to discover the beauty and power of your female sexuality and discover the true essence of female empowerment? 

Then I invite you to join me, 
Jacqueline Hellyer, at a Luscious Woman Workshop. Now in it's twelfth year!

There is so much misinformation and so many myths about female sexuality that it can be pretty confusing. Are we supposed to be good girls or bad girls, madonnas or whores, porn stars or prudes?  How can you be authentically your natural gorgeous sexual self? What does that even mean?

Find out at one of my beautiful, inspiring weekends of embodying your sexuality: getting into your body, feeling your energy, opening yourself up to the  incredible potential of your female sexuality.

Whether you’re:
  • a mother wanting to put yummy back into mummy,

  • a long-term wife or partner who’s lost her mojo,

  • shy and timid and wanting your hand held to explore,

  • a woman wanting to build your sexual confidence and increase libido,

  • long-term single and wanting to get out there,

  • active and out there but lacking intimate connection,

  • or already luscious and knowing there's always more to learn and experience...

...every woman can benefit from the Luscious Woman experience!

Next Workshop
in 2019 date TBD

What Happens At The Luscious Woman Workshop

A group of women of all ages and stages of life come together over two days to discover, explore and celebrate what it is to be a woman and in particular what it is to be a sexual woman.

Day 1: Being A Woman

Day 2: Engaging with Men

The Seven Elements

The workshop is based on my original research into the seven elements of sexuality (it applies to men too). It is a developmental approach as each element includes and transcends the ones before, until you find wholeness, a mature complete meaningful sexuality.

(You'll also learn to avoid the shadow sides of the elements, which are anything but empowering.)

"By accessing all seven elements of yourself and your sexuality you will become a beautiful powerful loving woman."

Some Photos from Earlier Luscious Woman Workshops

  Jacqueline Hellyer Sex & Relationship Therapist

A personal note:

I’ve been running women’s workshops for ten years now and I absolutely love them. There’s so much crap associated with female sexuality, so many limiting myths and misinformation, that it’s a great privilege for me to shine a light on this part of life so you can discover just how gorgeous your sexuality really is!

It’s hard to find really good quality, empowering information on sex as a woman. Positive female role models who really know their stuff and walk the talk are hard to find. 

Well, I’ve been on this journey myself and I’ve helped countless women discover for themselves how awesome it is to open to their sexuality, so I hope I can be that for you. 

Over this weekend I’ll distill all my knowledge and experience, to guide you along the way to your own empowerment.

I hope you will join me, and let me help you discover the delicious pleasure of being a truly luscious woman!


PS: If you can’t make it to the workshop, consider doing the on-line version here.