For the past year, my fiancee's been getting a UTI every time we have intercourse. Obviously, she's not very unenthusiastic about sex. Do you have any advice for having sex or even dealing with not having sex?

You don’t need to not have sex, you need to find out what’s wrong! It’s possible that one or both of you could be carrying a STI which is causing these symptoms (and could lead to infertility in her) – so quick smart both of you to a doctor for check-ups. Any GP can do the tests, or a sexual health centre. She might possibly be referred on to a urologist in case she’s got an anatomical irregularity that’s causing sex to irritate her urethra. If it turns out that’s all fine and there doesn’t appear to be an infection or physical problem, then make sure she’s very aroused before you go inside, avoid overly enthusiastic thrusting, she needs to pee immediately after sex, and she should drink cranberry juice every day.