Resolve your issues and learn how to create a quality relationship.

A strong secure primary relationship is fundamental to health and well-being. Yet we get no training in relationships whatsoever! No wonder we all struggle.

It is so helpful to have someone not just help you resolve your relational challenges, but also to teach you what it takes to have a great relationship. At the LoveLife Clinic, we provide effective relationship therapy and coaching.

Our Principal, Jacqueline Hellyer, and her associates, Alain Moulay and Leslie Scholl, have studied and trained to the highest level to support you to cultivate a high-quality relationship - as team-mates, friends and lovers.

You’ll find that talking to us is a liberating experience. We do not need to judge or assess you; our only agenda is to enable you to transform and grow.

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Couples Counselling & Relationship Therapy

We are here to help you with the broad range of relationship issues modern couples face. Please browse the items below to read about issues we frequently work with. We provide a warm, supportive space for you to examine your relationship, to heal and learn and ultimately create a strong, loving supportive life together.

Ready to transform your love life?

To book in with Jacqueline, Alain or Leslie, please use the contact form below and we will get back to you shortly.

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