The Tantric Lounge

Experiential workshops combining modern science and ancient spiritual wisdom for couples, women, men and open to all.
Presented by Jacqueline Hellyer

Live Consciously, Live La Vida Tantrika! 

I meet a lot of sensual explorers, scientific mystics and spiritual intellectuals - people on a quest to find meaning in their sexuality, people who know that sexuality and spirituality are linked, that the concept of conscious, mindful sexuality and relating is important - these are people who want to live La Vida Tantrika.

I'm often asked: "How can I/we continue this Tantric practice?" or "Where can I meet people interested in Tantra, Spirituality and Conscious Sexuality?"

The answer is: at The Tantric Lounge!

The Tantric Lounge is a place to experiment and play with concepts drawn from a range of traditions, supported by modern scientific knowledge and therapeutic technique.

One weekend every three months, I run five workshops: a Couples Tantric Lounge on Friday evening, an Introductory Lounge on Saturday morning,  Men’s and Women’s Lounges on Saturday afternoon, and an Open Tantric Lounge on Saturday evening. Every time there is a different theme, so you can continye to explore and learn over time.

Come and explore spirituality and it’s relationship to sexuality in a contemporary, sophisticated framework.

Next Lounges: 
On hold in 2019 due to other commitments


  Jacqueline Hellyer teaching

     "Live mindfully - love consciously."

What is The Tantric Lounge?

The activities and discussions at the Tantric Lounge are designed to cultivate you to become the kind of person who can live La Vida Tantrika (the Tantric Life) and as part of that fully embrace your sexuality and use it for personal and spiritual growth.

There are five different Lounges held over one weekend every three months:          

What happens at a Tantric Lounge?

Each season has a theme and the activities build on each other over the duration of the Lounge, enabling participants to go deeper into the experience.

This work has three key foci:
  • You feel more
  • You balance your yin and yang energies and expression
  • You work with energy and deepen connection with yourself and others.
I draw on knowledge and experience from a range of traditions combined with modern science and therapeutic practice. So we engage in activities that include:
  • Tantric and Taoist practices
  • Musing and Meditating
  • Movement and Energy
  • Ritual and Ceremony
  • Discussion, Laughter and Great Conversation!

As with all my workshops there is no nudity or sexual contact and it is completely tasteful and sleaze-free.

Who Can Attend The Tantric Lounge?

The Lounge is open to individuals and couples. People of all ages and relationship status come along. The Tantric Lounge is LGBTQIA-friendly and welcomes people of all sexualities and orientations.

If you haven’t attended any of my events before, please do an introductory workshop first.  You can do the Couples Tantric Lounge before the Intro Lounge if you do them on the same weekend.  

Numbers are limited to enable me to hold a deep space for participants. It’s vital in this work that the facilitator’s energy stays strong and connected to each participant.

Where Is It Held?

All Tantric Lounge workshops are held upstairs at The Egg of the Universe yoga studio, 711 Darling Street, Rozelle, Sydney. There is a large and a small studio - the Intro and Men's are held in the small studio, the Couples, Women's and Open are held in the large studio.

Photos from the Open Tantric Lounge



I look forward to meeting you down on The Tantric Lounge!


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